About us and our flowers

We are engaged in the cultivation of african violets. A long time ago I started to collect cacti and this hobby is ongoing today, we have some hundreds of kinds of various plants. These are amazing with their variety and richness of color: adeniums, plants with caudexes - Testudinaria elephantipes, Gerradanthus macrorhizus and Pachypodium brevicaule, asclepiadaceae - among which are Pseudolithos migiurtinus and Stapelia flavopurpurea. There are many cacti, among which my favourite sorts are melocacti and ariocarpi. I collected succulents for some years and now it is my wife's hobby, but she has absolutely taken a great interest in the other plants also. In the house Fuchsias, Ficuses, Gloxinias, Fittonias, Peperomias, Columneas have started to appear and... Saintpaulia. Now, african violets have taken over every space in the house and have superseded all other plants. Only succulents have remained, - in fact violets do not compete with them for saintpaulias do not require sunny southern places with summer temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius.

We have a Streptocarpus collection of 30 varieties and a Saintpaulia collection of 200 saintpaulias. Our catalogue lists 108 varieties of African violets which we offer to our customers today.

[The date of site's publication is 24th of June 2004]

African Violets, Streptocarpus and Adenium Varieties