G. D. Rowley - 85th anniversary

Гордон Роули - 85 лет

G. D. Rowley
1 Ramsbury Drive

May 16, 2006

Dear Mr. Shitikov/Vladimir if preferred,

What a fascinating and highly original birthday present! I am totally delighted with the Rowley medallions and other enclosures: thank you very much indeed for such kindness - typical of true lovers of succulent plants! I respond with a modest offering of one of my earlier publications; I am sorry that there is no edition in your language.

At nearly 85 I am still blessed with good health, do my own shopping and manage to keep the succulents and small garden (c.30 miles west of London) reasonably tidy and fit to relax in and contemplate the wonders all around. At least we have been spared the dreadful political turmoil that you must have suffered, so have much for which to be thankful.. I hope you still have succulents around you to cheer you as mine forever do!

Thank you again for your generosity, and I hope that your future may be more serene,

Ever cactophilously yours,
  Gordon of Cactusville

Гордон Роули - 85 лет / G. D. Rowley - 85th anniversary